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Two Practical Series of Mental Health Books, plus a Collection of FREE Guided MEDITATIONS & Effective MENTAL HEALTH COURSES for ADULTS & TEENS


Four Interactive Series of Educational Multicultural Kids Books for Toddlers & Middle-Grade



Prized Skills & Practices:  Help Restore Deep-Sleep, Lower Stress, Overcome Procrastination, Helping Kids Self-Motivate To Do Their Homework, Navigate Uncertainty & Much More…

Avg. 4.8 Stars & Over 50K Listens Worldwide

For Adults:  Solving Niche Problems – Short/Simple/Effective

For Children:  True Stories For Toddlers To Begin Reading. Provides Multicultural Education To Middle-Grade Kids.  Helps Bring Families Closer Together


Sensei Publishing provides high-quality, self-development books and children’s books with free guided meditations, plus inspiring mental health courses for people of all ages and at any stage of life.  The ability to spark change in an individual depends on the quality of information available to him or her.  Sensei Publishing provides telling mental health resources for anyone to find a deep connection with, as they relate the content to imperfections and struggles of everyday life.  Sensei Publishing is committed to providing quality practical content that adds value to people’s lives by improving their learning experience and widening their perceptions of personal growth as they journey towards becoming the best version of themselves.  Sensei Publishing is committed to unlocking simple, plain-English, core-value in every topic we pursue saving you the frustration of learning by ‘trial and error.’ We are devoted to empowering people through powerful mental health resources, researched content, and facilitative coaching.  Sensei Publishing has created two series of nonfiction kids books to cultivate and inspire important life lessons to kids, to help them grow with wisdom to guide them through life.  Our kid’s books provide children with books for generations of people, encouraging exciting curiosity and interactive discovery of global cultural diversity as well as sharing the importance of caring and kindness for one’s family and friends.


My Story 

My name is Paul David.  I used to be a Financial Project Manager until my life took a sudden new direction when I was hit by a truck while on my bicycle.  The impact sent me flying through the air like a cannonball and knocked me unconscious.  I was lucky to survive. I remember before impact, I had a few seconds to make peace with the possibility that this could be it for me, and it terrified me.  It took a long time to confront and heal from the haunting image of a truck closing in on me. But after a lot of physical and emotional discipline, hard work, and support from my partner, I decided to commit to creating and publishing content that inspires others to unlock and leverage resources in themselves as well as inspires children to be curious and thoughtful as they learn and grow.  I’m grateful for this opportunity to reach others and their families through my creativity and content, and I’m extremely motivated and focused on leaving a legacy of literature people can relate to, and benefit from, over and over again. 


My Mission Is Simple  

To inspire people of all ages around the world with our eBooks, Free Guided Meditations and Online Courses. For adults, this is done by simplifying seemingly complicated but practical self-development subjects. For children, this is done by combining education with the emotional areas of empathy, curiosity, gratitude, & much more.  Please join us as we begin this unique and fascinating journey of learning, and worthy challenge, to discover more about our personal potential, as well as appreciate the world we live in with open hearts and open minds.


My Self-Development Challenge To You  

I don’t want to sound like I’m selling you on something but nowadays, life can hit hard, and it’s not enough to just ‘keep your chin up.’  You need a set of tools and resources you can rely on and take to heart.  There are a lot of similar resources out there but some of them speak to you and your life clearer than others.  When it comes to personal development, it’s easier to stand on the shoulders of giants and model after the habits and systems that you feel work for you, instead of hoping for better days and repeating the same patterns of behaviour, or practicing a mindset that may be holding you back.  My challenge to you is the same as the challenge I place on myself, and that is, to dive in, to take action and consistently commit to using the resources that work for you and improve the quality of your life.


My Kids Books Challenge To You & Family  

Only to stay curious and open-minded from all that my nonfiction content can offer you and your family.  – Oh and one last thing, don’t forget to have fun!      


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